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Archives – September, 2003

Quotables (PG edition)

She looks like a big eater… – PG
Let’s look at girls from Kablurkistan – PG
Do you wanna come over, just to cuddle? – PG
I haven’t drank that much in at least 2 days – PG

September 30, 2003

Some Favorite Movie Quotes

-What do you mean “brought it bowling”? I didn’t rent it shoes. I’m not buying it a fucking beer. He’s not gonna take your fucking turn, Dude.” – The Big Lebowski
-Want me to punch-a-size your face, for free? – Super Troopers

September 29, 2003


Member Langley is now on Hot or Not dot Com. Rate him here!

Discuss Langley’s Beauty here

September 26, 2003


Edward Said has died. For everone who has believed in the self-determination and sovereignty of thePalestinian nation, it is a very sad day indeed.

September 25, 2003

AIM Un-Hilarity

LMaryMoli: how are you?
LMaryMoli: I bet my day was more interresting then yours
JoMaMa010: do tell!
LMaryMoli: Rocori High School is where I work- hopefully I don’t need to say more
JoMaMa010: you do
LMaryMoli: Well a ninth grader shot two students- one a senior- who is dead right now and the other a freshman who has a bullet through his head and one in his chest.
JoMaMa010: what was your role in all of this?
LMaryMoli: nothing- I pulled up at the school to coach at 1 because I had to go in early to fax some stuff. However, I couldn’t go in. Students had to run with their hands in the air for two blocks to the elementary school. I have to go in tomorrow morning at 10am for a huge meeting followed by many more meetings with different departments to find out where we go from here
LMaryMoli: I picked the wrong fucking school district to work for

September 25, 2003

Quotables – Bar Edition

Overheard: Do you realize we lost to Asians?

September 25, 2003


Take the Are you an animal in bed quiz! See how you compare here (mine was nearly right on).

Added an ‘affiliate’ section to the site for reciprocal link exchanges. If you are a webmaster with a similarly themed site, please drop me an email to discuss affiliation.

September 24, 2003

AIM Hilarity

hall0646: so i think the devil has a connection to naps
JoMaMa010: why?
hall0646: cuz they make you more tired, yet they’re so inticiing

hall0646: its good to see you made it ok, you were really wasted the other day, i mean, a whole burr

hall0646: the mini angry face
hall0646: the most alarming of them all
hall0646: yah they lack the detail, its great, its almost like their midgets
hall0646: ahhh… to be a mini face

September 23, 2003

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