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Thanksgiving Break Activities

Kelly’s going away party is this Saturday. Within the forums is located the party thread, with full details concerning this hallowed night, found here

Also, I have accepted a beerdrinking challenge over the Thanksgiving break. I intend to hold my own. Others think different. That banter is found here

And finally, some of us may go bowling at Elsie’s tommorow night (Tuesday). Everyone’s invited, and if you’re interested, lmk.

November 25, 2003

The Weekend

So this weekend we were supposed to get a ‘superstorm’ and I was all excited and what not. What transpired was a mere snowstorm, and we got maybe 4 inches of snow, instead of the predicted 13 inches. Boo!

Langley and I realized this weekend that neither of us know how to tie a tie. We agreed upon designing a time machine to assassinate whoever invited ties as well (Ty D. Tie?). We further pondered what purpose neckties serve? Is it to hide the buttons on your shirt (as Langley suggested) or does it serve as a rudimentary bib, preventing stuff from spilling on your nice shirt (as I surmise). At either rate, we ended the conversation by agreeing that neckties suck, and we suck as men for not knowing how to tie ties.

Well, I need to get back to homeworks and stuff, so per usual, I’ll leave ya’ll with some weekend quotes…


Holy Hanna – EF
I’ll have your strongest beer – EF
Why doesn’t Pete like me – girl
(to girl) Stop crying or I’ll make out with you – Langley
I went from five girls to none in the span of a haircut – Langley
So far I’ve punched my screen, kicked the book into the corner of the wall and ceiling, and stabbed it several times while swearing – KB

November 23, 2003


So Filip, Langley, and myself were ‘illin last night, doing homework and watching moveyes, when Filip decides he’s hungry. Three minutes later he emerges from the ‘frig with a tortilla containing a smorgasbord of food within, it was literally overflowing with food. Included in this Czech-tortilla were an entire porkchop, a half-bag of lettuce, multiple tomatoes, and at least 11 other ‘ingrediants’. In retrospect, I should have asked him whether he ‘wanted some tortilla on that buffet.’ Ok, that sounds less funny in real-life than it did in my head. Well I’m not deleting it. Deal.

I’ve decided this is busiest time I’ve had in the history of my life. On top of working 30 hours a week, being a full-time grad student, the social chair for GISSO, my websites, IM sports, and the ‘ol gym regiment, I’ve got homework, social engagements, IF reviews, research, sleep, girls, video games, and eating to fit in somehow. Perhaps I shall scour ebay for a nice helper monkey to assist me with this temporal crunch….

I also found out that ‘Cool as Ice‘ starring Vanilla Ice is out on DVD!! Go buy it now (shaking fist).

November 20, 2003 Review Posted

If you’re looking for some great RAM, we’ve just tested the TwinX1024-4000PRO kit from Corsair at intelforums. Read more here

November 19, 2003


Fat Jesus is moving!

November 18, 2003

Avatar Hilarity

Check out the world’s funniest avatar pic here

November 17, 2003


The first image is my co-workers at NHGIS coming up with scenarios whereby I would be able to fetch the frisbee stuck on the roof of a building below our tower. I approved version seven.

click to enlarge

The second image is Becky posing with a scary guy at the bar Friday night. We all agreed he either is a porn star, was a porn star, or is considering entering the porn industry…

click to enlarge

The final image was taken from the board where I was working on a flat tax proposal and I accidentally proved there’s no god..

click to enlarge

November 15, 2003

Radioactive Spiders

So I decided I may not need an alarm clock anymore after my beloved roomate woke me up as he shouted f*** at the top of his lungs due to him sleeping through an exam this morning.

It looks like I’ll be going to the National Archives for a week over winter break for NHGIS. Note to self: request all Area 51 documents.

Quotables – Eric F. Edition

Grandma’s, I come for the fights, I stay for the specials – Eric F.
His upper body is crazy, but his lower body is tiny – Eric F.
Where the white women at? – Eric F.
This is an expensive car! – Eric F.

November 14, 2003

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