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Archives – December, 2003

Real World – San Diego

Our first Real World party of 2004 (in San Diego) is gonna be at AT’s house Tuesday, the 6th. All the info re: Season 14 is here. Yay.

December 30, 2003

Quotables: Vegas Roadtrip Day 1 Edition

put it in my mouth – AT
“i miss mandingo” – AT
“be more confused” – PG
“so, are there any gay bars around here?” – AT
“Tom, stop pooting!” – PG

December 30, 2003


We are leaving for Vegas today!!!! I shall be gone for roughly a week, but I will try to provide Vegas updates on the site whenever humanly possible. Okbye.

December 29, 2003

New Word!!!

So a new word has entered our collective vocabularies over this weekend. It is hoganus, or if your into the whole brevity thing, hogain. It is used to express ire, anger, and/or angst in a way that is inoffensive and lighthearted.

December 28, 2003

Quotables – Afternoon w/ Nicole Edition

you get really horny after you throw up – PG
“suckpepper” – KB
“your dad looked at my cleavage” – NT
“gorped!!” – PG
“I was so mad that I lifted weights at 3am” – TL
“when i sit to poo, my ween touches the water” – PG
“i’m the throwup monster…. BLWAAH” – NT

December 28, 2003

Happy Christmas

First and foremost, I thought I’d be merry and wish everyone a happy and safe christmas, unless you didn’t buy me presents, in which case, I take it all back.

Okay, so last night we had our Real World party, followed by Punk night @ Elsie’s. To be sure, it was eventful, enjoyable, and excellent. Some highlights include:

Getting called fat in Czech (I think)
Treating myself to a new pair of bowling/party shoes
Deciding to move in with Corn when I get to California in Spring ’05
Getting chased by a boat
Getting a turnkey
Watching other people’s drama (Real World)
Acquiring the ultimate bathroom periodical, The Metro Bowler for 514
Almost dying eleven times with Dale Earn- err Filip driving.

Quotables – Last night edition

I think i need some alone time – Ace
With who? – CT
With myself! – Ace

December 24, 2003


-First off, we’re all going bowling @ Elsies tonight (punk night tuesday) so call, im, or pm for all the info..
-Second, this man has died. It is a sad day indeed.
-Third, the rumors of banishment are true.
-Fourth, I think I may have a girlfriend (gasp), but I’m not sure….

December 22, 2003

The Weekend

Yah, this weekend was pretty much spent being sick and sleeping, with a few minor exceptions. Friday, I was too sick to go out, so the roomiez and I played NHL95, threw potatoes out the window at passerbys, and entertained a random guy looking for ‘joe.’ Saturday was our big party for AT and TL. The first 7/8 was fun, with entertainment provided by Targetcenter Todd, Mitsy, me doing my momma bird impression (details not forthcoming), Random Alt.lifestyler, the Mexicano, the firechief girl, Irate Eric, and Yao. The last 1/8 kinda sucked, with me getting sick again, girl drama, and people being stupid and such. At any rate, a lot of people showed, some danced, most drank, and all had an enjoyable experience, I feel. Oh, on a sidenote, the jello kind of sucked this time being too liquidy, and so it had to be meted out with spoons and saucers. At least nobody choked on it this time… hehe. Anyhoo, I promise make better jello next time, I swear….


Running through my life right now
I don’t regret a thing
The things I do just make me laugh and make me wanna drink
I’d like to meet a mad man who makes it all seem sane
To work out all these troubles and what there is to gain

December 21, 2003

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