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Archives – January, 2004

Quotables – Thursday Edition

I wish I was Justin Timberlake right now – CR
I want an internship dating her this semester – CR
It’s the only place I know of you can kill people without prosecution – KB
Six beers please – PG


SaffronFix 9: So, you have a gf now?
JoMaMa010: ummm, hells no
SaffronFix 9: oh
SaffronFix 9: i read your post
JoMaMa010: oh, about the drtbs?
SaffronFix 9: yah
JoMaMa010: drunken road trip buddies
JoMaMa010: absolutely non-sexual
SaffronFix 9: ok good

SaffronFix 9: how about IHCB?
JoMaMa010: ?
SaffronFix 9: incredibly hot cuddle buddy

Other Stuff

Our cat is in heat, and I excited it the other day (that’s all I’m saying)
Please take the poll, re: NHL95 injustice here
Everyone is making friend tests, take them here
It’s -24 degrees outside right now!

January 30, 2004

Thirty-seven below

Next person that asks,’cold enough for ya?’ is getting punched…. by me!

7 Comments January 28, 2004

Me No Know

-I decided today that Doc Martins have the worst traction of any shoe in history. I’d literally get better traction and would fall down less if I walked barefoot to class in the snow instead.
-We celebrated TL’s birthday tonight, hightlights include the drunken state patrol car, FC almost getting kicked out, Hellen Keller discussion, the biggest bite of food I’ve ever taken, driving sideways, and of course celebrating TL’s B-Day and newfound full-time job.
-Oh, and I decided last week that AT and I are DRTB’s. Please don’t be jealous or irate. Speaking of which, I’m listening to a punk CD she made for me currently. It’s enjoyable.

5 Comments January 26, 2004


Twas a very fun weekend overall. Homework consumed 85% of the weekend as a whole, and a paltry 15% was spent on play time. We went to Nye’s Polonaise Room last night (a place everyone needs to go at least once) where we heard some really ‘interesting’ renditions of some of my favorites (Take me Home – John Denver & Fulsom County Blues – Johnny Cash), and an amazing cover of the happy birthday song by some opera singer lady.

More discussion transpired re: an issue which has previously been argued, and probably will continue to be debated. Namely, how appropriate (or inappropriate) it is for me to give my fiance (when that time comes) a ring which isn’t traditional or whatever (that could be an onion ring, a ring pop, or spider ring for instance). I find it unnecessary that a girl would require me to spend five-thousand dollars (or more) to prove that she’s the one. I’d much rather give something fun, memorable, unique, and/or something that reflects my eccentric personality (such as one of the aforementioned rings). Well, that’s my engagement ring rant, I feel better now.

I also ‘reorganized’ my buddy list after a few drinks last night, which entailed parsing my hitherto list of ‘buddies’ from 133 to a more manageable 50ish. Basically, I removed buddies from my list per a set of criteria I envisaged in a nap the previous afternoon.

I also added lots of new pictures to the gallery, including a fun picture from Williams Arena last year.

Quotables – WKND edition

Are you two dating? – random drunk lady
My whole life has been spent preparing to be the perfect housewife – SA
He’s like the Matt Damon of alt.lifestylers – PG
I wish my camera dispensed gum- PG
So, are you still single? – TL
I know you’re too good to talk to me, but hi… – TL
Hussy! – PG
Let’s overclock your camera – PG

5 Comments January 25, 2004


MH sent me this link, and I feel obligated to pass it along (don’t worry, it’s fun)

3 Comments January 24, 2004

Gophers Hockey Multimedia Fun

So yah, we have hockey tickets this year. Versus the Sioux, I got some super funny videos that ya’ll can download and enjoy (hint: try right-clicking and selecting ‘save target as’ if link doesn’t work)

An abnormally enthused fan
Goldie hurting his nether regions (hilarious)
Goldie destroying a sandwhich

5 Comments January 24, 2004

Almost Forgot

For those of you not into the whole Julian calender thing, happy 4701, year of the green wooden monkey.

January 23, 2004

Good Day

Two good things happened today… The first is that was selected for a 2003-2004 Golden Web Award! I guess all those nights slaving in front of my computer screen have paid off. Anyhoo, the award is on right side of the page, towards the bottom, for your viewing pleasure…

The second is that I discovered my uncle, Bob Bergantino, made the front page of the Montana Standard for his work on the Lewis and Clark project. Pic here. Story here. Good work!

10 Comments January 22, 2004

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