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Vegas Recap

January 7, 2004

So, we’re officially back in Minneapolis after an eventful 27 hour drive. Let me preface my recap of Vegas by saying that AT has compiled a thorough (times 11) recap of the trip as well, so I’m gonna keep mine kinda brief….

We stopped in Omaha, Nebraska where we played on ice (and Tom almost fell in), ZL and I finally got to talk about computers unabated and ad nauseum, I downloaded a bunch of movies to my carputer for use on the trip, AT and I purchased 50 shrimp for purposes of consumption, and fake cops interrupted our viewing of an ice sculpture contest.

We saw a pretty sunset accross the Great Plains, and I finally became a real man by watching The Fast and the Furious on the carputer thereafter.

Tom kept pooting and not telling us so the car smelled like poots the whole way (instead of a new car smell).

In wyoming, some Hardees employee told me that she really liked the bowling shoes (the ones Corman stole for me) I had on. I think she wanted on. So I owe Corman a drink now.

Our first day in Vegas AT and I went to our hotel restaurant/grill for some 99cent food and drink. We met a regular named Earl who was dirty, old, and irate.

After a few hours, we met up with JRP and KL, and we proceeded to eat, drink, and socialize. This was New Years Eve, so we made sure to drink a lot. 9PM came, and we needed to get downtown, so we caught a cab or whatever. We asked if it was ok if we brought drinks in the car, and the driver said it was ok. He mentioned how his floozy wife left him for a younger man, and moved to Minnesota. She also took his boat. He told lots of tasteless jokes, but they were funny nevertheless

We had a chicken fight (me on TL vs. KL on JRP). In the end, we all fell down in the middle of the street. Because TL reeked like booze, a cop came over and threatened to kick TL out of Vegas.

We learned that TL loves to gamble, so we renamed him Gamblor.

I was like 4 feet away from Britney Spears. I am irate because I didn’t ask her if she remembered the dream I had of her whence she made me pancakes, and they were delicious.

I accidentally asked a Mexican-American family at the Hoover Dam if they enjoyed the meat of donkeys (te gusta carne de burro?), and they retorted with tu madre, so I vowed never to speak Spanish there again.

AT and I both gorped on the same night

AT and I also decided that we were gonna get married just for fun, if we could find a place that would marry us for 8 dollars or less. Sadly, we encountered nothing of the sort (we did find a place that did drive-through weddings however).

I saw the hottest girl ever at the Las Vegas Coyote Ugly.

Gamblor got drunk and got a Vasectomy.

AT got arrested.

We almost convinced JRP to move back to MPLS and into AT’s treehouse.

TL got irate because I brought Ukraine.wav along (way inside joke).

I was introduced to a new way of saying ‘Hi’ in Vegas. Instead of shaking your hand and saying ‘hi’, my weenis was grabbed and she said ‘hello.’

I learned that almost all of the quotes on my site attributed to NT actually are copyright of AT

We saw a famous pianist, Chris Nelson. He also beat-boxed for us. AT wanted on bad.

I visited the Las Vegas mall (called ‘The Fashion Show’). It was like Southdale, but 13X higher class.

We brought our shrimp into Wendy’s, and purchased fries and a shake to eat with it. I have a funny picture of that delicious meal.

I got everyone to go to a military musuem with me. It was delightful. I saw a Huey, a Sten, a Sherman, a Bradley (which I snuck into), a hot manaquin, and other assorted military vehicles. AT and I signed the guestbook as Mr. and Mrs. Hoganus.

Finally, we got home and I slept 18 hours and dreamt about what it would be like if I were a vollyball.

So I guess that’s it. We took many pictures, and I’ll post those soon.

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  • 1. webmasterp  |  January 20, 2004 at 12:00 am

    I miss the hot Coyote Ugly girl already 🙁

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