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Archives – February, 2004

Goose Vision v2.0

Goose’s next X-Fest 2004 ‘Vision’ has been posted here. These visions keep getting sexier and sexier, if I do say so myself!

1 Comment February 25, 2004

Trucker Lingo

What follows are some neat excerpts from the ‘Trucker Dictionary.’ This knowledge would have come in handy (a lot) during our Vegas roadtrip. Try making sentences with them, it’s fun i swear!

back row n. – the area at some truck stops where hookers hang out.
bear in the air n. – a police airplane that monitors highway speeds below.
city kitty n. – a female city police officer.
double nickel n. – 55 miles per hour, the speed limit.
good buddy n. – a homosexual.
lot lizard n. – a truck-stop hooker.
motion lotion n. – fuel.
Wally World n. – a Wal-Mart truck, store or dist. center.

2 Comments February 23, 2004


So yesterday JY, TL, and myself get back from a night of heavy drinking at Z’s, where we run into FC and JD who have similarly returned from their outing. For some reason, we all decide to congregate in the bathroom for our post-bar bantar. Shortly thereafter, FC decides it would be a good idea to push TL (who is fully clothed) into the shower and not let him out. Around 3 seconds later, I decide it would be a good idea to turn on the water, full-blast. Around 33 seconds later, TL manages to escape from his watery confine, where he immediately lays down in the hallway in the fetal position, unsure of what to make of the previous 45 seconds. In the end, we all laughed like drunken hogs, over what TL deemed the ‘funniest mean thing that has ever happened to me.

5 Comments February 21, 2004


-I request a Walmart within walking distance of 514. Something about being able to stumble through the hunting/fishing aisle at 3:17am excites me greatly.
-Cat Stevens was the greatest singer.
-Our fiesta de Henna y Cookies is Saturday.

2 Comments February 19, 2004

The Seven Duffs

Today I purchased Simpson-themed pajamas from Target for two dollars and fourty-nine cents. Not only are they fashionable, but are also insanely comfortable. No, you may not borrow them.

11 Comments February 17, 2004


Ahhh, greetings. First off, what a pleasant & eventful VD party it turned out to be. Some highlights include: The drunken Real World marathon, watching the new Paris Hilton video, somehow getting to the bar, meeting up with LR & posse, TL getting irate at The Jarhead, meeting a really fun girl (JY), AT & I filling our cameras with photographic goodness, the girl with fake? breastasauruses, and FC’s drunken quips and musings (esp. “AT, why don’t you offer us some sex”).

Oh, and here are some pictures from the evening…

3 Comments February 15, 2004


Happy Black Saturday. The Anti-valentines day ‘party’ is still scheduled for tonight, so bring your appetite for fun and beer and love. Although last year rocked much hogain (think sleddin’ & hot tubbin’), I’m optimistic that this year will be even funner (and yes, I realize that is not a word).

February 14, 2004

Cinco Cosas

-First, the Official X-Fest 2004 thread has been posted here.
-Second, the geneaology section has been updated hard core here.
-Third, I’m trying to get IIIISkid to run for the GISSO VP next year. With me as Prez, her as VP, and possibly a few other cohorts in positions of power, we can take over the world (or at least the geography department).
-Fourth, DJ EZD has added some outstanding pics to the newly created “others” category in the pic gallery on the site. Check them out here. If any other homiez would like their work displayed, just lemme know, I can make it happen.
-Fifth, Lyrics

And as I stared I counted
Webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
-Blink 182

Fifth and a half, Gamblor is a commie!

February 12, 2004

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