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Last night JY & I went to Rainbow to pick up some foods (as we were both hungry as hogs), where I purchased Jumbo eggs for the first time in history. This morning, while preparing said eggs, I found one with two yolks inside!! FC & I admired the ‘Chernobyl Egg’ for awhile as it sizzled on the pan, and two minutes later I ate it with cheese on top. It was delicious!!!!

PS JY & I both purchased Red Clam Sauce (see pic) for the hell of it. I’ll report back as to how it tastes over my otherwise amazing spaghetti.

1 Comment March 24, 2004


So I kinda sorta lost my mobile telephone again (insert lame aim ashamed face here). So henceforth, please do not be jealous or irate if your telephone calls do not get returned in a timely fashion…

6 Comments March 22, 2004

Good News

It looks like Riverfest 2004 in Somerset is being put on by 93X afterall, so expect the usual fare of good/mediocre acts to be present (aside from Twisted Sister). All the info is here.

March 20, 2004


I’m going to the May 2004 Blink 182 concert in Minneapolis! It should be an amazing show, and it’s not sold out yet, in case anyone wants to come with…

4 Comments March 19, 2004

Spring Break!!!!!

I’m currently enjoying Spring Break 2004 mucho. The best part so far has been AT, FC, and I road trippin’ to Madison, WI. Some highlights include:

-FC visiting his first sex store and finding ‘the cactus.’
-Going to The Annex to watch Pat McCurdy (who was awesome).
-Drinking green beer.
-Not sleeping.
-Watching TJ scale a cement retaining wall while playing ‘Bomb.’
-Ladislov (aka Hogislav).
-TJ’s awesome beard and AY’s awesome pigtails.
-Being hungry enough to eat a baby.
Pictures are here. More to be posted shortly… (ahem AT & TJ).

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My dearest,

I’ve missed you very, very much since that last night we were together. And I’ll hold that night especially in my memories for years to come. I’ve been turning it over and over in my mind lately. I’ve read your letter through at least four times, and will probably read it more times before I’m through. I’ve been sitting here, looking at your picture, and getting more homesick every minute. I’ve wanted that picture more than anything else I know of, except of course, you yourself.

I keep thinking of you darling. I keep wishing I could be home with you. I want to leave in the worst possible way so I can come home to see you, but, things don’t look so good on that subject. And this war has spoiled a lot of things for everyone I guess. I’ve never been so lonesome in my life as I am right now. I’m completely lost with out you darling. I never realized I could miss any one person so much. I just hope it won’t be too much longer until I am able to be with you again, and live a sane and normal life.

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-I haveta be at the Mall of America in thirty-seven minutes, so this will be quick….
-It’s Spring Break!!!!!
Crouton has made an appearance in the

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