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Riverfest: Day 1

We leave for Riverfest today, with a gathering of the usual suspects in Hudsen before proceeding to Somerset with a stop off at Eck’s to pick up “rotten wood.” Oooh yeeah.

1 Comment May 27, 2004

Dooo It

Check out the webcast from this week’s A Prairie Home Companion as it was super cool.

May 24, 2004

Obligatory Weekend Recap

-Thursday we had a Columbo night, which entailed drinking beers and cheering on history’s greatest detective.
-Friday I got to kiss ER (aka hottest.girl.ever.)
-Saturday was fun and much happened: I made jello shots and AP brought pie f

May 23, 2004

Blink 182 Concert

So yah, we hit up the Blink 182 concert last night which was much fun, highlights include:
Cypress Hill putting on a great show
Blink 182 putting on an even better show
Having CR buy us beers and feeling 16 all over again
Being surrounded by teenagers and feeling 88 all over again
Debating calling the cops on Cypress Hill for doing drugs on stage
Getting hit on by a cute 15yr old (dangit)
The mosh pit and/or saving AT’s life (twice)

1 Comment May 19, 2004

Five Things

-Instead of striking out in softball today, I hit a home run.
-I dislike Anthony Peeler much.
-To my suprise, I got all A’s this semester.
-I’m super wet right now, as I just finished playing in the rain.
-I’m ultra-hungry for cheesecake

May 16, 2004


Don’t forget to check out the new V300 gallery. I’ll be updating it often as I acquire more images and such…

May 16, 2004


Helmuth Gienke sent me a copy of a receipt from 1407 detailing a payment received from Heyne Gyncken (the ancestor from which our last name is derived), which I am obliged to pass along. Said document is here.

1 Comment May 11, 2004

Praise the Lard

I’m done with classes until September!!!

3 Comments May 7, 2004

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