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– Inspired by a recent conversation, I wonder whether there is such thing as “kissing chemistry”?
– Jessie & I got horrible service at the Burger King in the Quarry on Wednesda

4 Comments June 25, 2004

My New Ride

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I’ve finally gotten a new vehicle, it being a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport… Banter here, picture below.

5 Comments June 22, 2004

7h3 w33|{3nÐ

It was another fun and/or interesting weekend, I’ll expound:

– Jessie, Kelly, Kell, TJ2000, and I after-bar’d at 514 Friday which entailed arguing about whether you need to refrigerate catsup, watching MTV’s awesome “Your Face or Mine” show, and doing other stuff.
– I installed Mandrake v10 on my main box as the primary OS, a decision I’m very happy with thus far.
– Some guys at work and I put together a tenative business plan for a consulting company, and in a pensive way I’m hopeful it’ll get off the ground.
– TJ2000 & I housepartied the night away Saturday and I got super-duper hammered.
– Some random guy called me to fight which was funny because he called himself Tyrone and tried to act hard, yet he had the voice of a spoiled, toolbox white kid. Oh, and note to toolbox: It takes a real man to try to fight someone you never met with a blocked number.
– I finished my first crossword puzzle ever!
– I extended my softball home run streak to three games, but we still lost by a ton.
– Kell & I test drove many jeeps, and I found one I liked and so I just need to hear back from the guy to get the deal done.
– I chased a deer whilst celebrating Father’s Day at my parents house; it was one-meeleon times faster than me and got away…

3 Comments June 21, 2004

Strange but True

-Weird: Whilst Thursdayin’ at Seven Corners last night we ran into Brad from The Real World – San Diego.
-Weirder: Brad went to the bar alone and managed to hit on every girl.
-Weirdest: Brad wants to go to Bobby Z’s with us tonight.

5 Comments June 18, 2004

About a Girl (plural)

I have an actual date Wednesday with a girl, but since I used up all of my good date ideas on lovers and friends, I’m screwed….

In an unrelated note, Jessie and I are on good terms again which is a good thing as we get along super-well 93% of the time.

4 Comments June 15, 2004

[Insert Lame AIM Crying Face Here]

I have to confess that I cried like a little baby (for the first time in years fyi) whilst watching the Reagan funeral today; it was so sad. Some things that stuck me were Patti Davis being present, Nancy saying her last goodbye at the casket, the awesome speeches by the children, and remembering my hertofore favorite president (exluding FDR & Jeffereson).

2 Comments June 12, 2004

A Glorious Summer Day

Today was my idea of the perfect summer day. Highlights include me making scrambled eggs with cheese this morning good enough to make baby jesus’ mouth water, taking a long shower, getting lots done at work, playing ultimate frisbee for a few hours, a bit of Dreamcast, going to Sportsmans for 2 for 1 Old Style’s and pool, and being able to fall asleep to the sound of thunder and raindrops.

2 Comments June 8, 2004

2004 Riverfest / X-Fest in Somerset Pictures & Videos

The final batch of pictures Riverfest / X-Fest have been posted.
View the Slideshow or just view the album here.


fire.wmv – A huge fire on Saturday night.
flip.wmv – A guy flipping into a shallow pool.
mud.wmv – Goose mudwrestling a neighbour girl.
tent_burn.wmv – Random campers burning their tent.
he_man.wmv – Teasing He-Man.
wwf1.wmv – TJ2000 wrestling a folding chair.
wwf2.wmv – Wilson body slamming Crouton onto a folding chair.

To view right click on selected video and choose “save target as”

3 Comments June 3, 2004

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