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2004 Riverfest / X-Fest in Somerset Recap

June 1, 2004

Overall, another very fun time. Some stories are in order….

The Good– We made friends with our neighbours (pic) immediately and had many good times (including forming “Team Dinosaur” tasked with getting girls to mud wrestle).

-TJ2000 asking random girls to buy him Rogaine
-Reciting Dave Chappelle quotes ad infinitum.
– The Badger Hole (pic).
– Thursday we finished 1/3 a bottle of Absinthe which left me uber-drunk but without hallucinations, which was a good thing.
– Our campsite went through five ‘bottles’ of Franzia over the course of the weekend (pic)
– Hanging out with the guys, esp. the ones I haven’t seen in ages.
– We played many games of Bag-o, which was fun. I don’t quite remember which team emerged victorious, but I do know that it wasn’t me as I kind of sucked.
– Saturday afternoon I tried to be the Ultimate Mud Wrestling champion of the world by taking on Josh (the biggest gentleman at the fest), but strangely I lost handedly (pic).
– Crouton being Crouton which involved passing out in random places, doing weird and funny things, and having a lot of interesting things to say at all the wrong moments (pic)
– Saturday evening Melanie asked me to goto the concert, which I agreed to under the condition that we could drink heavily beforehand (the concert lineup being fairly hum-drum). Over the next hour we drank copious amounts of Gin (my 2d least favorite beer) and Bicardi which was fun. At the concert we ended up in myriad ‘melee pits’ on accident, made friends with Binaca, cursed Fox Racing, and I secured a date with two sisters on 7/15. Halfway through Papa Roach we decided to go home and drink more, whereupon we finished a bottle of ‘Crying Liquor’ (Aftershock), and hung out by the fire. I don’t remember too much thereafter, except that I stumbled back to my campsite at some point, and passed out halfway out of my tent.
– Friday night, Crouton and I met some fun girls, Leslie and Jenny, who liked punk music and skateboarding lots. Leslie & I invented a drink, Captain Cran (Captain Morgan and Cranberry juice) as we sat by the fire talking about stuff of which I cannot recall.
– Sunday we made a fire consisting of all things random, including grills, Krispy Kreme donuts, full cans of beer, sleeping bags, ketchup, seasonings, and wood. Surprisingly, it was a good fire (pic).
– My world’s longest non-smoking streak is intact after yet another X-Fest, which is slightly surprising because the opportunity presented itself thirty-six times.

The Bad– Friday night I got punched in the face for the first time ever by some guy for telling him to stop pummeling a dude who had just ran over a guy with his car (but who was apologetic and stuff).

– Saturday morning it rained lots, which kind of sucked.
– My ex-girlfriend’s friends (whom I had heretofore considered to be good friends ) more or less actively ‘discouraging’ The Vengeful Ex from hanging out and/or talking to me, which I felt was unnecessary and irritating.

The Ugly– Our conversation with “Nipple Rings” which for all present, was a lesson in ignorance. She accused us of all being dumb (me telling her I got 9 on my ACT didn’t help I guess), saying she hated TJ2000, and other such stuff. At one point, Crouton called her the devil and ran away to the other side of the campsite (pic).

-Incurring many injuries (see pic, pic, and pic).
-Some pictures have been posted, and further discussion is here.

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  • 1. Christ Scientist  |  May 31, 2004 at 12:00 am

    Ok. It seems to me that I have no memory of Sat. night. I would like it if everyone didn’t tell me about stuff I did as it makes me feel bad for forgetting in the first place.

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