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What Happens in Madison Stays in Madison

Over the weekend the boys went to Madison for Brodie’s bachelor party. Although I cannot divulge too many details from the night, rest assured it was an amazingly-mossome time and pictures were most-definately taken. See them here.

3 Comments July 26, 2004

Amazing News: Minneapolis Council OKs Smoking Ban

There will be no smoking in bars and restaurants in Minneapolis starting March 31 per a 12 – 1 city council vote. I can now realize my dream of becoming a bouncer without having to breathe in ungodly amounts of second-hand smoke!!!! All the info is here.

5 Comments July 23, 2004

Quotables – Drunken Week Edition

Bah-donk-adonk! – me (to everrrry girl)
I wouldn’t drink here anyway – Adam & me (irate)
I wish you’d die – Tall Dan (to everrrry boy)
Jezuz Chryst – Filip (his favorite american word)
You’re off limits – Sonny (on why we can’t make out)
I’m really, really good in bed – Sasha (random girl’s pickup line)
You look like Andy Roddick – Everyone (random people to me this week)
Eff you, eff you, eff you, not you, eff you – Adam (irate)
Shhh, I think they’re doing it – me (re: TJ2K & his ladyfriend)
I’ll have several delicious drinks – Tall Dan (ordering from the waitress)
I don’t do hard liquor; it makes me cry – Crouton (asked if he wanted a shot)

2 Comments July 23, 2004

Funny Political Short

1 Comment July 21, 2004

Boy + World

Here is some stuff that’s happened to me of late…

– Wax & I went to the Hennipen Block Party Friday which was a lot of fun. We ended going bar-hopping thereafter, going to Urban Wildlife (wah), Brothers (fun), & The Lodge (kinda fun). It was shocking, the sheer number of people that Wax & and I met and ran into that night.
– I was reminded that the world is a very, very small place sometimes.
– Jed, Devo, Josh, and I had a homerun derby Sat. Aft. which ended up being awesome. I fell off a fence that I was playing on and landed on my face and shoulder, so I have some really sexy bruises all over to show off. Oh yah, I think I came in 2d place overall for homeruns hit. PS, Jed sucks at hitting home runs :).
– TJ2000, Dan, Katie and I went housepartying Saturday, which ended up being both hilarious and awesome. I posted a few pictures to the gallery from the night. We finished the night off by going to Burger King for fries.
– Jessie & I went to Cal-hone Sunday which was neat. We saw this really creepy old guy who had a crush on every girl, and proved it by ogling every single female that walked by. We kept saying creeeeeeepy (loud) and I think he might have heard us. Oops.
– In softball, we lost 28 to 10 which kinda sucked. To be sure, our team has degenerated from the championship-winning team of two years ago into the suckiest bunch of sucks who’ve ever sucked as our 2 – 5 record proves.
– I spent 29$ at the pump tonight!
– One of the girls I’m sorta seeing called me yesterday to tell me that she and her bf had ‘reconciled’ meaning I’m sorta not seeing her anymore.
– DJ will be in town on wednesday, so we’re goin’ out
– The search for a new home bar continues…

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She broke down and let me in
Made me see where I`ve been
Been down one time
Been down two times
I`m never going back again

-Fleetwood Mac

July 19, 2004

Search Engine Keyphrases

Whilst perusing the server log for the site, I uncovered some interesting search phrases people have used (using google for instance) to reach They include:

fellatio statistics for women
www.boys humping
lot lizard pics
guys who dont like makeup on girls
metrosexual pics
kobe is a jerk
lindsey whalen and boyfriend
dry humping hurts
find someone to love the you you love well that s just fabulous
scsu drunken girls
Debra Lafave
las vegas truck stop shower
denny hecker
picture of a fohawk

July 17, 2004

Tonight’s Night

Ok, so I’m not ready to go to bed yet, so here’s a recap of my evening:

First, I went to the coffeeshop, to get some work done for work, which was pretty productive despite a lot of distractions. Halfway through my time there, I got a call from Turner (vengeful-ex) wherein we actually had a non-awkward conversation (basically, we/she decided it was time to stop making out now that she has an almost-bf, which in theory, is fine with me. In practice however, I sometimes enjoy making out/hanging out/etc with her (lots), so hopefully/maybe/improbably we/I can behave and be just friends…). Next, I got home and got semi-gussied up for the bar, and left with TJ2000 for Sallys (ladies night of course). The bar itself was sooooooo packed, but Rick, Dru, and Susie had saved us a spot by the railing, so we were able to drink and people-watch in relative comfort. Halfway through the evening, we saw a guy try and fight a bouncer, at which point the bouncer threw the guy’s face into the pavement and called the police. Ten minutes later, 6 cop cars, an ambulance, a state patrol car, and a K-9 unit had all congregated around the scene to talk about it… (way to utlize my tax dollars jerks). Jenny, Laura, & Sonny joined us later, and we all had drinks and chilled and chatted. Towards the end of the night, two random girls, Christina and something, came up to me and told me I looked like ‘Ty Pennington?’ (I found his pic here), with my ‘fohawk’ (edit: fauxhawk). Christina was tons-o-fun, and said she only dated guys with Jeep Wranglers (yet, she hated them) so she gave me her number and stuff. The night ended up with TJ2000 & I walking Jenny to her car (an ’02 Grand Prix Am), peeing outside, 2:45am calls, and going to bed (well, not quite yet). At any rate, it was a fun night, and I’m finally getting tired, soooo yah, buenos noches.

4 Comments July 14, 2004

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