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Archives – July 14, 2004

Tonight’s Night

Ok, so I’m not ready to go to bed yet, so here’s a recap of my evening:

First, I went to the coffeeshop, to get some work done for work, which was pretty productive despite a lot of distractions. Halfway through my time there, I got a call from Turner (vengeful-ex) wherein we actually had a non-awkward conversation (basically, we/she decided it was time to stop making out now that she has an almost-bf, which in theory, is fine with me. In practice however, I sometimes enjoy making out/hanging out/etc with her (lots), so hopefully/maybe/improbably we/I can behave and be just friends…). Next, I got home and got semi-gussied up for the bar, and left with TJ2000 for Sallys (ladies night of course). The bar itself was sooooooo packed, but Rick, Dru, and Susie had saved us a spot by the railing, so we were able to drink and people-watch in relative comfort. Halfway through the evening, we saw a guy try and fight a bouncer, at which point the bouncer threw the guy’s face into the pavement and called the police. Ten minutes later, 6 cop cars, an ambulance, a state patrol car, and a K-9 unit had all congregated around the scene to talk about it… (way to utlize my tax dollars jerks). Jenny, Laura, & Sonny joined us later, and we all had drinks and chilled and chatted. Towards the end of the night, two random girls, Christina and something, came up to me and told me I looked like ‘Ty Pennington?’ (I found his pic here), with my ‘fohawk’ (edit: fauxhawk). Christina was tons-o-fun, and said she only dated guys with Jeep Wranglers (yet, she hated them) so she gave me her number and stuff. The night ended up with TJ2000 & I walking Jenny to her car (an ’02 Grand Prix Am), peeing outside, 2:45am calls, and going to bed (well, not quite yet). At any rate, it was a fun night, and I’m finally getting tired, soooo yah, buenos noches.

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