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Sabado Gigante

Saturday: Hilker, TJ2000, Leah, Kell, Rashad!!!, Isaac, Rashad’s uncle, Tall Dan, Michelle, and I hit up our fav. Saturday night hangout, Blarny’s. After a few hours of merriment there, we headed to these random girl’s afterbar and feasted on string cheese, diet sierra mist vodkas, and beernuts. Long story short, it was an awesome night and enjoyable to see Rashad again, it had been a while.

November 28, 2004

Dag Yo

I found out today that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for in Seattle, which means I’ll be living in Minneapolis until at least May 2005 now….

1 Comment November 24, 2004


It’s about time ‘the girls’ posted !!!

3 Comments November 24, 2004

Annotated Hilarity

Whilst perusing the November server logs for, I came accross some interesting Yahoo/Google search keywords people have used to reach the site. Here are but a few, with my comments2 bracketed:

replacing a light bulb pics [???]
webmasterp [that’s me]
how hot is lindsey lohan [umm, a lot]
how to do a fohawk [it’s easy]
cutting a hog [sick]
id hit it [twice]
totally scrabble tuesday [i’m down]
big cock [haha]
a-dilla [that’s adam!]
chemistry is fleeting [I’ve since reconsidered]
girl bicep pics [hot].

4 Comments November 22, 2004

Last Night I Decided:

No kissing chemistry is a deal breaker for me.

6 Comments November 19, 2004

What’s New in Your World? – Paul

-I slept on a quarter last night so my face hurt for like 25 minutes this morning.
OldStyle (Josh) is recently engaged. He’s a lucky man; Vanessa is awesome.
-My weekend was weird, but awesome.
This thread has fostered some discourse re: hanging out with the girls of X-Fest again. If I see them again? (online or otherwise), I’ll bring it up. -There was a breakup over the course of the weekend. Boo-urns.
-I added a ton of quotes to the site which were taking up space in my short-term memory.
-Wednesday is GIS Day. Have a burr for me.
-Champlin Park football plays in the state championships on Friday. I’ll probably go to the game or something.
-514 doesn’t have cable anymore, so we’re watching a lot of public television, mostly Nova, Nature, Seseme Street and/or Masterpiece Theatre.

11 Comments November 15, 2004

News Flash

Corn (Corman) and I have something cool planned for Stay tuned…

5 Comments November 11, 2004

Hi. Hi! Hi?

I feel that the following people should IM me sometime as I haven’t talked to them in a while: Zach, Laura Mary, Michelle, Jenny, Kim, Matt, Brian, Jeff, Cara, and Angie.

9 Comments November 7, 2004

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