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Re: assaulting a horse

What do you think happens when he is at a job interview and they ask him
about his arrest for violating STATUTE: 951.095, my guess is you get asked
to leave the room while the interviewer laughs his/her ass off. Thats
awesome. – Chad


2 Comments January 28, 2005

Eight Year Olds Dude

Today, while biking to class/work as I always do, an eight year old threw a snowball at me. Immediately, I stopped and decided what the most mature thing to do, and promptly did the opposite: I hucked a snowball right back at him. Before you label me as a giant jerk, there’s more to the story. The snowball I threw back at him missed wildly and he laughed. Then I laughed. So I guess you could say that we had a moment….

7 Comments January 26, 2005

Holy Nerdiness Batman

As part of’s newfound glory, I’ve refined my RSS solution for the site tonight. If you’re running Firefox, this is a good thing. See here for more….

5 Comments January 24, 2005


I’m so happy, it’s snowing a ton! PS Sledding on Sunday, wanna come?


4 Comments January 21, 2005 v2.5

It’s been about a year since I rolled out v2.0 of so I figured the site was due for some TLC. If you miss the old page(s), you can find v2.10 here. The changelog is here. Oh, and any input re: the ‘new’ site is appreciated….

1 Comment January 16, 2005


War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent. – George Orwell

January 15, 2005

Tengo el Gato en mis Pantalones?

-I beat Neverwinter Nights today, thus making me both the “Hero of Nerverwinter” and also a giant nerd.
-Despite being one of the smarter people I know, about Kix Dave from work is dead wrong: they aren’t just for kids. I still love them!
-I can’t believe I graduate in five months. You can bet your bananas I’ll throw the wildest, craziest graduation party ever when that happens. That or I’ll just watch a movie or something.
-Always young in spirit, always young in appearance.
-I talked to Corman today from Iraq. He’s alive and well! • Arby’s fries are soooo good…..

5 Comments January 13, 2005


Crest’s ‘Cinnamon Rush’ toothpaste is pretty much, IMHO, the best tasting toothpaste of all time. It’s like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited.

6 Comments January 10, 2005

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