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-That brown patch needs a little H20. Oh yeah!
-Duffman says a lot of things. Oh yeah!
-Duffman’s pension has been mis-managed. Oh yeah!
-Duffman can never die, only the actors who play him. Oh yeah!
-Duffman can’t breathe. Oh no!

2 Comments April 26, 2005

It’s Sooooo On, Maybe

Per Mr. B’s request, I’ve updated the Official 2005 Edge Fest X-Fest Riverfest Rockin in Floatrite thread with all the latest.

1 Comment April 25, 2005


Wow, this story is making the rounds; I got this message today…..

“hey dude, heard a pretty crazy story about you and tom this weekend….resulting in a ‘broken face’… two never cease to amuse.”

1 Comment April 18, 2005


The first time we met is a favorite memory of mine.
They say time changes all it pertains to
But your memory is stronger than time.
I guess everything does change except what you choose to recall.

-Merle Haggard

April 14, 2005

AIM Hilarity

JoMaMa010: tj and i almost died just now
aat1219: how?
JoMaMa010: our ceiling fan started shooting fire at us
aat1219: so what happend?
JoMaMa010: well, it started shooting out fire
JoMaMa010: we freaked out
JoMaMa010: and turned it off
aat1219: are you just going to stop using it?
JoMaMa010: we’ll see

1 Comment April 9, 2005

Don’t Judge Me!

In case any of you got a weird email from me, I had a virus. Sawree!

3 Comments April 9, 2005

Bar Stories

At Blarney’s, I had Becca ‘un-pop’ the collar of a gentleman wearing a pink shirt, because it looked silly (and I thought it would be funny). Turns out he didn’t think it was so funny (times three). Oh well.

At Sally’s Filip & I ran into Laura Mary and her roomate. Over the course of an hour we chit-chatted, played a game of darts, had some beers, etc. Midway through our game of darts, Filip blurts out that Laura’s roomate was a ‘chocolate Nicole’ which didn’t go over too well (times two). The angry/confused/shocked looks on their faces was priceless, and I almost fell over laughing. Turns out Laura’s roomate just tans a lot and she’s really sensative about it. So yah, here’s to Filip once again saying the wrong thing at the wrong time!

April 8, 2005

Cosas Sobre Me?

-I’ve been watching a ton of Family Guy lately. I never thought I’d say this, but it is actually funnier, a lot funnier, than The Simpsons.
-It sounds like there won’t be an X-Fest this year, which is kinda sad I guess. Despite all the fun I’ve had there over the years, I won’t miss the mud, the not remembering whole days (thank you very much Absinthe), the rain, assorted drama, Nipple Rings, smelling like campfire, and sucking at setting up my tent.
-Who wants to play me in Dr. Mario?
-Through it all, Alicia & I still have lots of fun together.
-If I ever go bald I’ll be so sad.
-It looks more and more like I may end up staying in the cities afterall. With that in mind, I’ve been doing some househunting with the thought of eventually getting something in a south/west suburb (Plymouth, St. Louis Park, Eagan, Lakeville, Edina).
-I used to think Steven from RWLV was the coolest guy ever. In retrospect, he’s kind of a douchebag.

7 Comments April 2, 2005

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