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Ann Arbor Events & Impressions

After 24 hours here in A2, I can report the following:

-I’ve gotten lost, like really really lost, three times so far.
-I should have gone to Michigan; the campus is beautiful!
-I was 37 minutes late to work today (see item #1).
-The house I’m staying at, and my new roomates, are really nice (they’re no TJ2K or Groowax, but…)
-Every air conditioner is sold out in town I guess; it’s been boiling hot here the past couple of days.
-I ate at a restaurant, Round Robin, that has unlimited french fries and waters. I had four baskets of fries and eight waters.
-I have cable, but not MTV 🙁
-My queen bed = amazing.
-Having a manual transmission in town sucks; there are 999 stop lights 🙁

6 Comments June 27, 2005


On the way to softball, TJ & I decided it would be fun to have an all-Hollister night, in which we’d wear Hollister everything just to see if “it works.”

PS The Bubb Rubb video is here.

1 Comment June 23, 2005


Filip (to Sarah and I): So how long were you two dating?
Pete (in my head): Filip you jerk, any answer I give now is gonna make it awkward…
Sarah: Yah, we sorta skipped that part
Me (in my head): Well played.

June 13, 2005

Just Another Night @ 514

-I was alerted, by jerks, to the fact that our ceiling fan was in the ‘winter’ position, which is why it had been so hot in our house of late. When Wax switched it to ‘summer,’ it became much, much cooler.

1 Comment June 9, 2005

Well, Seeya Later

-I’m moving to Ann Arbor (A2), Michigan in a few weeks (the 24th).
-Interstate 94 (I-94) goes right through A2!
-I’m selling some stuff, buy it here.
-I’ll always be a Twins fan.
-If you wanna hang out before I go (duh), call me!
-A2 is located here.
-I really do have the greatest friends in history; I’ll miss everyone.
-Train tickets from MPLS to A2 are affordable (aka come visit).
-Going away party thread here.

2 Comments June 5, 2005

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