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Weekend in Appleton

Recap = coming
Pictures/videos = posted

3 Comments July 23, 2005

The Greyhound

On the ‘hound to Chi last night, I sat next to a trucker, Hershel, who had been driving big rigs ten years coast to coast. We managed to talk for about 2 hours straight about trucking and other stuff. I am now an expert on lot lizards, driving a truck, preferred lingo and falsifying your driver’s logbook. If this whole computer nerd thing doesn’t work out for me, I’ll have to give trucking some serious consideration. Oh wait…

July 22, 2005


nobody should ever schedule their wedding for a friday at 4pm ever again

1 Comment July 21, 2005


Huh, it seems like in the past month, pretty much 98.6% of my non-engaged friends have either gotten into, or gotten out of, a [serious] relationship.

6 Comments July 18, 2005

Wow is Right

Today, whilst driving to Quiznos for a delicious sub sand, there was a huge accident right next to us (it was a co-worker and I in the Jeep). We ended up ditching the Jeep on the side of the road and pulling some lady out of her totalled F-150. It made for a very dramatic lunch, my favorite.

3 Comments July 11, 2005

AIM Hilarity

aat1219: im going to bake cookies
aat1219: want some?
JoMaMa010: duh
aat1219: i’ll mail them right away
JoMaMa010: hey, you’re not allowed to lie to me
aat1219: ok so i wont mail any
aat1219: but i’ll eat them
JoMaMa010: you’re not allowed to make me cry either
JoMaMa010: :'(

2 Comments July 8, 2005


racecar spelled backwards is racecar!

1 Comment July 3, 2005

Let’s See Here

Both Google and Yahoo! have opened up their API’s for people to make maps using their tools…I’m planning on offering some mapping services through in the super-near future. Stay tuned.

Becca is coming to visit me tommorow. The plan is to do many fun things, including going downtown, sleeping in, going to Detroit (WHAT), Windsor (canada!), and/or feeding ducks at Gallup Park.

I have a rocking chair and a porch at my new place. Being able to come home, rock, and read a book makes me contento times ocho.

Getting old sucks. I used to be able to dunk. Now, I have the vertical of a hippo.

Pictures from my Milwaukee roadtrip here!

Pictures from Ann Arbor here!

July 1, 2005

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