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My dear Brena
Show me lonely and
Show me openings
To lead me closer to you
My dear Brena

August 25, 2005

You’re cut, you’re cut, you’re cut….

In lieu of getting onto a men’s fall softball league, I am now playing fall co-ed softball. For this league, hitting it over the fence is an out, and previous sotball experience is merely suggested. After our first practice today, I feel that this is going to be an *interesting* season….

August 22, 2005


It finally happened – Becks & I visited Detroit! Highlights include gambling at the downtown MGM casino, getting lost a few times, touring Gross Pointe, seeing a few slums, and most importantly, not dying.

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I was on the internet last night and came accross this and I laughed. Listen to the “Hip 5-in-1” sound here. Let’s go shopping!

4 Comments August 15, 2005

Moving/Etc FAQ

Here’s a list of the questions that I’ve been asked ∞ times in the past week:

Are you lonely or homesick yet?
I was homesick for the first 86 hours, but not so much anymore. I’m getting a ton of emails and calls and text messages from everyone back home, which has been great…

Do you have friends yet?
Yes, I have several (and by several I mean between three and eight).

Do you have a date for the upcoming weddings?
Probably… I’m planning on asking Becca and/or Jessica. I’m banking on one of them saying yes…

When are you coming home next?
DJ’s wedding in mid-September.

How do you like Ann Arbor
It’s a pretty interesting town; there’s a lot of stuff going on. The next few months should be especially fun/exciting as there’s the football season, fall softball, and more!

How’s the new job?
Muy bien, soy contento

Coke or Pepsi?

1 Comment August 4, 2005

Be not Jealous

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I have in my possession the sweetest wristband of all-time (sorry Lance Armstrong). Check it!

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