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Archives – November, 2005

AIM Hilarity

hall0646: my soup tastes like plastic
JoMaMa010: can i taste it
hall0646: sure
hall0646: here you go (shoves spoon at screen)
JoMaMa010: shove harder
JoMaMa010: i didn’t get it

November 28, 2005

Away Message Hilarity

I have the day off…which means I’m probably still not out of my pajamas, I’ve cooked and ate breakfast, watched at least one episode of Seinfeld, managed to complete my personal financials spreadsheet, contemplated going to the gym – but haven’t yet, visited at least 15 times, played some piano. -Cramtron aka Scooby9898 aka Dustin

1 Comment November 23, 2005

Hi! (Redux)

I’ll be in the Twin Cities Wednesday/Thursday-ish this week until Sunday/Monday-ish. Tentative plans include Thanksgiving-ing and Blarney’s on Thursday, Filip’s going away activities/Susie’s party Friday, ? Satruday, and football Sunday. If you’d like to get a coffee or beer or something at some point, hit me up!

1 Comment November 20, 2005

Help Nelly!

Vote for Turkey!

EDIT: Nelly is fortunate to have such nerdy friends – both Dustin and I have written scripts to steer him to victory. Mine is here.

EDIT2: Jerky Fest ’05 in jeopardy? Pepper’s voting scripts are outpacing Turkey’s script’s by a wide margin – almost 4,000 7,000 ∞ votes for Pepper have been cast in the last few hours!

13 Comments November 7, 2005

New Pics

Assorted Fun Times
Joe Louis Arena

November 6, 2005

AIM Hilarity

jomama010: we’re planning on heading to vegas again
Arbnhorse8: OMG
Arbnhorse8: that would be so fun
Arbnhorse8: you need to get a good room this time though
Arbnhorse8: not that cheap place with the walls that break when you punch them
jomama010: lol
jomama010: i have to hand it to tj tho
jomama010: he woke up at 6am
jomama010: went to ace’s hardware
jomama010: and spackled the wall while we were all sleeping

Scooby9898: i think i could have gotten another 500 off, but it’s too late now, i just have to go pick up some chicks and i’ll feel better

1 Comment November 5, 2005

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