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A Farewell to X-Festing

After six straight years, it’s finally time to hang up the tent — there is to be no Memorial Day weekend camping to Somerset, Wisconsin this year. It’s safe to say that those were some of the best of times. Just thinking about it now, here are some of the events/adventures/etc I’ll never forget:

  • 1999 Edgefest: Zach, TJ, and I took Zach’s LeSabre (which he still has) to Edgefest on a whim. We ended up getting a horrible camping spot, but our neighbors were great. One of them, Snake, drank his beer from a gas can the whole weekend. Also, the weather was perfect, actually too perfect, and myself and TJ got burned quite badly. The concerts were all really good too, Offspring, Cake, and Fuel. I remember everyone wanting Offspring to come on so bad, they almost frisbee’d Cake off the stage. 8/10 on the fun-o-meter.
  • 2000 Edgefest: Adam, DJ, my then girlfriend Krissi, her friends, and myself, headed to Floatrite for the festivities. A couple of Krissi’s friends didn’t like us, especially this 6’6″ gentleman who thought we ate his hot dogs. We offered him all of our food to not kill us (he ended up not killing us). The weather was really cold and rainy, and I remember staying in the tent a lot. 6.5/10 on the fun-o-meter.
  • 2001 X-Fest: My first X-Fest with “the boys,” Josh, Kelly, Goose, Howe, et al. Adam and I shared a tent, in which he partook in the “jelly incident” which I will forever remeber as being one of the most lasciviously funny things ever. 8/10 on the fun-o-meter.
  • 2002 X-Fest: This was one of the most enjoyable fests in my opinion. Not only did we have a large contingent of friends on hand, but we also met a lot of fun people over the course of the weekend, esp. Alicia, Emily, and Nicole. Highlights included the Virgin Protector making an appearance (and making a difference, haha), having *interesting* neighbors, Todd surviving a mortal stab wound, the Jenerator, and Goose having a girlfriend for 3 minutes. 9/10 on the fun-o-meter. (2002 pics, recap, recap).
  • 2003 X-Fest: The best year for camping by far. We had another big contigent of people on hand, and the weather was good. Fratastic Phil was there and creeped out girls, before we even knew what creeping was, the Doggfather (Rashad) brought a bunch of cheap wine (which inspired hilarity), and we saw live sex. 12/10 on the fun-o-meter. (2003 pics, recap, reunion).
  • 2004 Riverfest: The worst year for X-Festing, the weather was bad (I almost froze to death) and the band lineup was really weak, and Alicia and I were fighting. For some reason, I was still sad about Nicole back then and decided that drinking a ton would solve everything — it didn’t. I don’t remember that Friday, actually, I remember waking up halfway out of my tent during a thunderstorm that evening, but that’s it. We did manage to have some fun tho, everyone kept reciting Dave Chapelle (ha-what!), we met Jill and Adam, I went exploring with Melanie, and mud-wrestling matches abounded (I lost to Josh). 6/10 on the fun-o-meter. (blog, pics, recap).
  • 2005 Rockin’ the Campground: This turned out to be a really nice way to round out our X-Fest experience, right before everyone moved on with their lives/careers (marriages, moving, etc). It ended up being just the guys, and Alicia, and only 100? or or so other campers, yet we managed to have a lot of fun just doing our thing (drinking, bag-o, etc). Some memorable items from 2K5, the sprinkler stories, flaming can ‘o beans baseball, TJ the LVP, and Goose turning 8/10 on the fun-o-meter. (pics, recap)

Time really does fly, I can still smell the tarp burning and hear that early morning security gaurd bullhorn/radio telling us it’s time to go home.

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Come here and touch me and say that it’s all right
You know that to my eyes the days are as the nights
Read again the letter that tells me that he’s gone
To hell with the fighting I want my son home.

I taught him to fish and I taught him to be strong
Taught him that killing any man is wrong
But tomorrow in battle I’d run to where he stood
If the help of a blind man do any good.

-Waylon Jennings

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Milwaukee Roadtrip

Dustin’s Recap:

My Recap: forthcoming?


Pics: (more to come?)

May 22, 2006

Airport Anti-Karma?

Were I a bigger believer in karma, I’d swear there was an opposite karma effect engendered by our nation’s airports. For instance, on the same day I found and returned a (duct-tape) wallet full of cash and stuff, I was chosen for a comprehensive security check when I was already late for the flight (thanks TSA) and had an overhead suitcase fall on my head while sitting on the plane (ouch).

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I’m officially doing something about my diet. As of Monday, I’m done with [sugared] pop and possibly candy. Also, I’m limiting the number of times I eat out a week. This means the next time “I’m ninety-nine percent parched,” I’ll just have some water. 😕

Some background information on this post:

  • I’m usually really good about upholding my resolutions. I randomly decided I didn’t want to eat hog anymore a couple of years ago, and I’ve only done so maybe three times since then. Once, I took a huge bite out of Jed’s pristine hamsteak in his fridge for kicks. Another time was at Kristen’s cabin in the Dells because TJ had burned our breakfast, and maybe one other time.
  • In Chicago last week, Jon and I decided to have burritos for lunch everyday, each time at a different place. Although delicious, I swear all those burritos made me gain at least 18lbs. As a sidenote, I ranked the burritos, in terms of tastiness, in the following order: 1A: Chipotle, 1B: Mexican Grill, 2: Baja Fresh, 3: Qdoba
  • I’m genetically predisposed to have diabetes, so the less sugar I enjoy now, the less diabetes I get later (hopefully).


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Whilst showering tonight, I was reminded of two slightly amusing (to me) stories, they are:

Winter 2004, The Final Cooldown. During the Winter of 2004, 514 was plagued by fruit flies, tons and tons of fruitflies. We tried everything, cleaning, consulting the internet, and prayer. Nothing worked. Finally, Filip and I decided upon a more radical approach to controling said flies which we termed the Final Cooldown. As 514’s infestation was taking place during one of the coldest Minnesota winters in many years, we decided to open all the windows in the house (sans bedroom windows) to let the -30 degree air pour into the house. It was thought that the fruit flies would hate the cold as much as us, and lacking warm winter jackets, would die horrible, horrible deaths. So, for three or four nights, we left the windows open. We had to wear jackets and blankets when trekking through the house. The floor was ice cold. You could see your breath. It was literally freezing inside. Our landlord even stopped by and upon discovering the frigid temperatures inside, yelled at us (“you’re going to freeze the pipes!”). His advice was not heeded — we wanted the fruit flies dead. Anyway, at the end of those three or four days, the results from the Final Cooldown were mixed: our fruit fly population was significantly reduced, but our girl roomates and our landlord were furious, and I got deathly ill (aka caught a cold).

Spring 2006, The Jumpsuit. Walking through Osaka during our first day, TJ & I found ourselves behind an elderly woman, sporting a full on red Peanuts jumpsuit. We kind of looked at eachother like, is this really happening?, and then busted out laughing (in a muffled, polite manner of course).

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AIM Hilarity

aat1219: I had a totally weird dream about you last night. dont remember what it was about but it was weird and im still creeped out by it
aat1219: so thanks a lot jerk
aat1219: ruining my sleep and we dont even live in the same state

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