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May 14, 2006

Whilst showering tonight, I was reminded of two slightly amusing (to me) stories, they are:

Winter 2004, The Final Cooldown. During the Winter of 2004, 514 was plagued by fruit flies, tons and tons of fruitflies. We tried everything, cleaning, consulting the internet, and prayer. Nothing worked. Finally, Filip and I decided upon a more radical approach to controling said flies which we termed the Final Cooldown. As 514’s infestation was taking place during one of the coldest Minnesota winters in many years, we decided to open all the windows in the house (sans bedroom windows) to let the -30 degree air pour into the house. It was thought that the fruit flies would hate the cold as much as us, and lacking warm winter jackets, would die horrible, horrible deaths. So, for three or four nights, we left the windows open. We had to wear jackets and blankets when trekking through the house. The floor was ice cold. You could see your breath. It was literally freezing inside. Our landlord even stopped by and upon discovering the frigid temperatures inside, yelled at us (“you’re going to freeze the pipes!”). His advice was not heeded — we wanted the fruit flies dead. Anyway, at the end of those three or four days, the results from the Final Cooldown were mixed: our fruit fly population was significantly reduced, but our girl roomates and our landlord were furious, and I got deathly ill (aka caught a cold).

Spring 2006, The Jumpsuit. Walking through Osaka during our first day, TJ & I found ourselves behind an elderly woman, sporting a full on red Peanuts jumpsuit. We kind of looked at eachother like, is this really happening?, and then busted out laughing (in a muffled, polite manner of course).

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  • 1. TJ2000  |  May 15, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    That was the best Snoopy jumpsuit I have ever seen

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