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Archives – July, 2006 + Youtube = Hilarity!!!

I thought it time the whole world partake in the hilarity caught on tape. I’ve created a youtube account with many videos from the site here, with some of my favorites below.

Dustin and Wilson wrestling

Goldie getting hurt

Salting Dustin’s knife wound

Goose mudwrestling

Dustin getting twinkyfaced!

TC enjoying a hotdog

Ola meeting his first drunk chick

5 Comments July 31, 2006

Dream = Over?

After getting benched for our final two games tonight in the Michigan Classics co-ed softball league (average age, 43.7 years old), I can’t help but think my dream of playing for the Minnesota Twins someday is over…

9 Comments July 24, 2006

[Borat Voice]Last Night….[/Borat Voice] or Vicarious Me

  • I randomly ran into a girl I had lived with in the dorms (Praschi?) many many years ago. She was the roomate of another girl I knew, Kylee, who was the friend of another friend, Angie. Trying to figure that out (how we knew eachother) after multiple beverages took some doing.
  • We hung out with some Bosnians and Germans, who were really cool. One of them was a spook (sorta) out of Langley and had some very interesting stories.
  • I decided that the median per-capita income at Rush Street is right around 80K. Without fail, pretty much every 20/30-something I’ve talked to there is either a doctor, lawyer, spoiled rich kid, or miscellaneous big wig (Bill Mukalt for instance). It’s a lot of pressure — I need to step it up.
  • The night concluded at The Burrito Joint (TBJ is the new Mr. Pizza), where I had a chicken burrito with Lizzo, Katie, and her two ex-boyfriends (yah, kinda weird).


3 Comments July 23, 2006

Dear Diary,

I’m here to stay….

6 Comments July 13, 2006

From the Way Back Machine

This brings back some memories. It’s a picture of me, drawn by Emily, circa 2002. I found it last week while throwing out some old junk.

2 Comments July 12, 2006

New Hotness: Apple IIe Gaming!

After a conversation with Erika from work, and after several delicious beers, I thought it a good idea to find and play some (truly) old school Apple IIe games, specifically Odell Lake, Karataka, Number Munchers (!), and Oregon trail (all my favorites from 1986).

Here are some screens from my Apple IIe adventures heretofore:

12 Comments July 7, 2006

I’m in Love!

I have a new (tied for) #1 favorite burrito place, Big Ten Burrito on State Street.

And without further ado, my updated ‘favorite places to eat Burritos at’ list:

1A. Chipotle
1B. Big Ten Burrito
2. Mexican Grill
3. Baja Fresh
4. Burrito Loco
5A. Moes
5B. Qdoba

6 Comments July 6, 2006

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