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An Ice Cream Breakfast

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I’ve decided that Kemps’ Minnesota Twins Touch ‘Em All Chocolate Malt ice cream is pretty much the best ice cream of all-time. Yum.

5 Comments August 28, 2006

600K Please?

In a dream last night, I came up with a sure-fire business idea. All I need is $600,000USD to acquire and retrofit an old-school trawler  (this should do the trick), and move (me/it) to Miami Beach, Florida. After some major work on the ship, and spending some major dollars on promotion/advertising, the ship/plan would become a cash machine (not literally). Because this is such an amazing idea, I can’t reveal all the gory details, but with some careful thought, my plan should become self-evident.

6 Comments August 25, 2006

Great Weekend!

I’m so excited for this weekend it’s not even funny. What could be better then having a few friends coming to visit, temperate perfect weather, oh, and one of the country’s premier airshows, Thunder over Michigan, taking place in my backyard (not literally). It’s pretty much a nerdgasm for me right now, just watching all of these classics come into town (a P-38 and F-86 just flew over my head!).

EDIT: It actually ended up being an awful weekend, the airshow notwithstanding. And, I have nobody to blame but myself, ugh. Anyhoo, pics/vids from the airshow are posted, enjoy!

1 Comment August 7, 2006


It’s hard to argue when
you won’t stop making sense
But my tongue still misbehaves
and it keeps digging my own grave

It’s not as easy as willing it all to be right
Gotta be more than hoping it’s right
I wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it
Collapse into me tired with joy

-Snow Patrol

August 7, 2006

Internet Suit

I’m all growns up — I got my very first suit today. In fact, it was delivered just a few minutes ago. I just hope it fits; I purchased it from the internet without getting measurements or anything. I guesstimated my size to be a 39. We’ll see. Anyway, see you all in Vegas, at the high rollers table. 😉

3 Comments August 4, 2006

Sooooooooooooooo Hotttttttttt

Pretty sure it’s at least 108 degrees in my apartment right now. I’m literally roasting. Having an Oreo shake from Caribou hasn’t helped, nor has taking a cold shower, nor has putting my fan on high and placing it right next to me. If I’m this hot tommorow night, I’m looking for jobs in Iceland.

4 Comments August 1, 2006

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