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Minnesota Vacation: Friends, Family, and FUN

September 4, 2006

Being between leases from 16 August to 31 August 2006 I was left with two choices: live in a homeless shelter for two weeks, or go visit friends/family for two weeks back in Minnesota. I wisely chose the latter.

That said, here’s some notes from my time back in ‘Sota:

  • The first week was spent in northern Minnesota fishing (I caught a ton of fish too), reading, sleeping in, swimming, and generally relaxing with the fam.
  • The remainder of the time was spent hanging out with friends and family and doing stuff:
  • I saw Snakes on a Plane, which actually ended up being pretty good. People applauded at the end, including me.
  • TJ, Becca, and I went to Duluth on a Saturday. After pre-partying on the way up, we were so tired that we forgot to go out that evening, heh. We sort of made up for it on the way back. I had forgot to make reservations up there beforehand, and as it turned out every hotel except for one was sold out in a 40-mile radius. That one hotel ended up being slightly shady, and by slightly I mean extremely, but we took it anyway.
  • I went to see a Twins game with Jed, Adam, Alicia, and Zach. After pre-gaming at Prestons, we ran into a bum who proceeded to tell us he loved heroin and fancy coffins with gold inlay. I told him that that was very weird, and some girl yelled at me (“I work with homeless people”). Whatever lady.
  • A gentleman in front of us at the game was very unhappy that we were having fun. He got especially furious when we mentioned the aforementioned heroin, fancy coffins with gold inlay, as well as cigarettes and tobacco. Whatever dude.
  • Alicia’s boyfriend, whom I had never met, insists on introducing himself in the third person which I find a little bit disconcerting.
  • I got to see all of my little cousins who are now grown up, which was a bit of a shock.
  • Dustin and Jed have the ultimate bachelor pad — it puts 514 to shame. It features a 42″ Plasma tv, an X-Box 360, Rhapsody, a beer pong table (the closet door) which we put to good use (I lost in the first round), a laptop computer, gracious hosts, and is a few minutes from Uptown (The Drink).
  • Jed convinced me to get a job at Best Buy, which I’m going to do. In addition to being in dire need of additional cash, I could really put the 5% above cost Best Buy discount to good use.
  • Becca and I saw BodyWorlds at the Science Musuem. For the most part it was well done, although I did have some ethical/moral issues with some of the pieces.
  • We visited the Mystic Lake casino and I was able to walk out $120 ahead — my first time coming out ahead at a casino in probably years.
  • I was planning on visiting Michelle on my last night in MN, which fell through due to an early morning flight and extreme exhaustion. Seeings how I’ve known her since 1st grade and I haven’t seen her in a looong time, you can say I really dropped the ball there. I’ll have to find a way to make it up to her.

Upon getting back to Ann Arbor, I promptly moved into my new apartment, which is pretty nice. It’s a few blocks away from the stadium, so every Saturday I’ll be treated to 120,000 screaming fans, but whatev.

Of course, I took many pics from the trip, here:


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  • 1. TJ2000  |  September 5, 2006 at 9:17 am

    “Hey Homeless Guy….get a home!!”

  • 2. anonymous  |  September 5, 2006 at 12:24 pm

    I’m soooooo mad at you.

    You owe me BIG TIME! 😉

  • 3. SandLizard  |  September 5, 2006 at 1:44 pm

    “Hey Homeless Guy….get a home!!”

    I was soooo gonna say that.

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