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There are finer fish in the sea than have ever been caught.”
— Irish proverb.

November 29, 2006

I’ll Make you a Celebrity Overnight

(21:52:21) hall0646: hiiiiiii
(21:52:28) JoMaMa010: heyyyyy
(21:52:46) hall0646: i googled myself today
(21:52:53) hall0646: and came across ur website
(21:52:54) hall0646: lol

1 Comment November 19, 2006

#1 Ohio State v #2 Michigan this Weekend

GO BLUE!!!!!

2 Comments November 16, 2006

Vegas Trip Recap!

My favorite memories of the trip I took to Las Vegas last week with TJ, DJ, Dilla, Matt, Becks, Filip, and Croots:

Saying Byaaaaaaaaaah! 999 times
Playing on every video poker/blackjack machine in Vegas
Dipping everything in melted butter (eg Buttersteak) at the Bellagio buffet
Getting a lesson on “Black America” and Las Vegas from our ultimate-fighting cabbie
Playing the Wheel of Fortune and winning lots of money, sorta
Las Vegas Becca
Sitting first class, and sitting next to a woman who lost her son in Iraq and getting to hear her story (Slate video here, transcript here).
Watching the F-22 Raptor at the airshow
Getting nuts at the Barbary Coast
The availability of 24hr casino cleaning crews in your hotel for when somebody pukes in their sleep
Matt: 4am message from the Webmaster: TJ puked, required a cleaning crew. The room is a loss
Getting “Neil Young’s” autograph (“are you guys scam artists or something?”)
TJ’s “gummy” Las Vegas girlfriend
2.5 BA’s and 5? BP’s
Seeing Mike Tyson
Chopsticks (think: Street Magic)
Cheersing Stem Cell research, king crab, and Kevin Federline!
Filip betting $50 on black in roulette, only for it to be 00, green!
And in general, not “acting our age(s)”

Least favorite memories:

Losing $11 at the 7/11 on the video poker machine
Getting stranded at Nellis for two hours in the freezing cold
The smell in room 835 after two days of habitation and vomitation
Not getting to the In-N-Out burger

Aviation Nation / Nellis Airshow Gallery
Assorted Fun Times Gallery


7 Comments November 14, 2006

Official Theme Song (haha)

4 Comments November 4, 2006


(19:17:19) aat1219: 27 is the new 50

3 Comments November 2, 2006


I’ve spent the last three days waking up to mountains and sleeping on a California King bed with five pillows, and already I am dreading having to go back to the non-mountainous state of Michigan to sleep on my Lilliputian-sized double bed. Sigh!


November 1, 2006

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