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Archives – February, 2007

A Mini Retrospective: 514 8th ave

Fat Jesus Reflects!

“Between my place and the church was a driveway/alley. It was nice being able to park my car there sometimes, but it was a real hassle when I discovered that the alley was a frequent path for people walking home either from the bars or from parties in the neighborhood. The dark area behind the house was a perfect place for an impromptu urinal (right below my bathroom window, so I’d get some special aromas in the summer), and then the people would stagger down the driveway, right past the only windows in my bedroom.”

Dileepa and the rest of 514 generation 1, circa 2007

Thanks Dileepa Vindya! 😛

3 Comments February 13, 2007

Interesting Gi(e)n(c)ke Iterations


Heyne Gyncken, born about 1370
Adolf Gienke geboren: 1897 in Göhlen
Merentz Giencke geboren: 1666 in Stralendorf
Peter Gienke geboren 1811 in Techentin (!)
Greet Giencke, geboren 1744 in Stralendorf
Heinrich Gieneke geboren: 1629 in Picher
Tochter Gieneke geboren: ca.1630 in Stralendorf
Clawes Giencke geboren: ca.1610 in Kothendorf
Dortie Giencke geboren 1709 in Picher

4 Comments February 8, 2007

The Joys? of Being Single in a Myspace Era

A message from my buddy Sam:

“Under my MySpace, there’s a chick called Jill. She wants to
meet you.

Now, she wants me to set up a meeting all nonchalant and
under the cuff (just like junior high, yo). However, I am
indolent and totally unwilling to do this. She’ll be at the
bar this weekend, if you are so inclined. Just feign that
you have no idea.

Also, I don’t vouch for anything. I hardly know this chick;
I met her at a bar one night.”


6 Comments February 7, 2007

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