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Decisions, Decisions

I love NWA. Now to decide what to do with all the miles I’ve accrued this year….


  Congratulations, you have recently reached 50,xxx available miles!* Visit now to redeem your miles for award travel. Your redemption options include:

  • Two Coach Class PerkSaverSM Award tickets for travel within the contiguous US, Alaska & Canada
  • One Coach Class PerkPassSM Award ticket within the contiguous US, Alaska & Canada
  • One Coach Class PerkSaver Award ticket to Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America or Europe
  • One First Class PerkSaver Award ticket within the contiguous US, Alaska & Canada
  • Upgrade to World Business ClassSM or First Class using miles

12 Comments July 27, 2007


I’d solve the hardest puzzle
And read the boringest book
I’d hold the hottest substance
Ooh nyeah

I’d solve the hardest puzzle
I’d race the fastest animal
Eat the biggest meal
To be with you, Coco

-Flight of the Conchords

1 Comment July 11, 2007

Random Musing #864

Happiness is the sound of a P-51 overhead.

July 6, 2007


[thumb:2688:l:s=1] Dear United States of America,
Happy Independence Day.
Face Pizza

July 5, 2007

I Owe Paul $1.00USD

Over the weekend I bet Paul the tallest animal of all time was over 100 feet tall and I lost. For the record, the tallest animal to ever walk the earth was the Sauroposeidon, or Earthquake God Lizard at 60 feet high. This bet was a byproduct of me wanting to know how the tallest animal ever compared to the beautiful Lake Point Tower, in Chicago. The image below shows that comparison.


1 Comment July 3, 2007

A Tale of Three Leagues

Were I not such a head case, I think I’d make a pretty decent softball player (good power, speed, arm). Owing to my inconsistency in play, I’ve been demoted to peon status in my Wednesday league while putting up decent numbers in my Monday and Thursday leagues.

Monday Co-Ed ‘C’ League, Last Game: Batted leadoff, left field, 4/4, 2HR (LH/RH), GWRBI
Wednesday Mens ‘C’ League, Last Game(s): Batted last, catcher, 2/7
Thursday Mens ‘C’ League, Last Game: Batted leadoff, right field, 4/5, 1HR (RH), 1 error

July 3, 2007

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