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Reason #17 to Love Social Networking

The random sister-of-a-sister, friend-of-a-friend Facebook message:

“Hi Pete! I’m x’s sister — random, I know. Word on the street is that you’re moving to SF. I have a good friend there you should meet. He’s done some IT stuff in the past and is hilarious. Same age. The further I type… the more I realize this looks as if I were attempting to set you up. Shit. I’m not at all. I just know what it’s like to move to a new place with minimal or no friends. Crap. Not that you’re friendless… You know what? I’m going to end this here. I’ve probably embarrassed x. Hahaha.”


3 Comments April 24, 2008

Housing Search 2.0

The housing search begins anew, this time in San Francisco, CA where I’ll be spending this weekend. My mission: to find a one bedroom condo for under $400,000 or failing that, a one bedroom apartment for < $1800/month. From the list of potential properties I’ve found so far, this looks to be no easy task. Wild eep!

4 Comments April 23, 2008

Week in Milwaukee/Chicago

Thanks to Paul and Zach (and wives) for putting me up this weekend as part of my pre-move goodbye tour (MSP, MKE, CHI). Starting out on Tuesday, I spent four nights in MKE highlighted by a fun night out on Thursday. Highlights include bar hopping, $2.50 Miller Lite pitchers, and the co-eds (haha). Other MKE highlights include the Miller Brewery Tour, the Safehouse, and Superman II. Saturday was spent in Chicago doing some shopping with Paul and Kristen, and then heading West to Zach’s (amazing) house in Elgin. Highlights in Elgin include the Riverboat Casino, almost going to the state penitentiary for 1 to 3 years (haha), and enjoying some squid steaks with weak Italian beers at a new Italian place in town. On Sunday, I hopped on the 5:57AM train back to Union Station, for an uneventful 6 hour Amtrak to Ann Arbor. Great time. Next up, San Francisco on Thursday for three nights, then Ann Arbor for a few days, then Chicago for a weekend, then back to San Francisco for good.

April 22, 2008

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