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Love Poem

Love is a snowmobile, racing across the tundra.
Suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath.
At night, the ice weasels come

– Matt Groening (attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche)

May 25, 2008

First Week in CA

Hard to believe I’ve already been living in California for a week already – the time has flown by. Activities ahead of starting work at the Googleplex (tomorrow!) have included brushing up on Python, finishing up some work for the GLC, a roadtrip to Pacifica, hanging out in Palo Alto, and of course, looking for a place to live. I’m pretty much resolved to renting here, at least initially. With > $400,000 studios/one-bedrooms the norm around here, it’s gonna take some saving (and/or winning the lottery) before I’ll be able to be able to comfortably buy. It definitely sucks having to pay > $1300 in rent, but doing so buys me some time, and will allow me to really familiarize myself with the area. Another benefit, renting will allow me to buy a car, and Google provides a cash incentive for buying a hybrid, so I’m thinking about getting a Prius or Civic. Given all the cool towns/parks/etc around here, I’ll definitely want something fuel efficient for making frequent road trips. Ok, gotta get ready for my big day tomorrow, byeeee.

5 Comments May 18, 2008

Out in Style

Talk about domination, in my final softball game with the Blue Streaks (one of the teams I played for in AA) last night, we mercy’d our opponent (engineers from UMich) 36-0… I wish I could say we were that good, but the other team couldn’t throw strikes, nor could they hit the ball into the outfield, nor could they catch (definitely not a recipe for success in softball). I finished the night 5 for 6, with a ground out to start of the game, and a few embarrassing cuts as I tried to swing for the fences (and miss completely).

1 Comment May 6, 2008

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