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December 21, 2009

Having spent some time going through the web stats (courtesy of Google Analytics) for the WordPress-powered blog this weekend, I’m pretty bummed. The facts at hand:

  • has a bounce rate of ~75%, meaning 3/4 people look at one page, and then go elsewhere.
  • 86% of traffic is direct, meaning only 14% of traffic is new users.
  • received 14 unique visitors today, 58 unique visitors being the high water mark for the past week (ouch).
  • Users do spend an average of about 5 minutes on the site, so if they find the archived content, they look at it.

Armed with that sobering knowledge, I’m bound and determined to do better. The site has 6 years of posts, and although it’s mostly fluff, the content still might be interesting/funny. So, here’s my game plan for doubling visitors, halving bounce rate, and adding new eyeballs in 2010 (disclaimer: I work for a search company, but know nothing about SEO outside of what I’ve read on the web, which follows):

  • All links will hereafter become canonical, and descriptive, e.g.
  • Generate a sitemap,, with added weight to homepage and recent posts
  • Add visible links back to content (e.g. RSS), specifically, using the sidebar to add links to recent posts, and a calendar for archived content
  • Use as my own personal twitpic (but in reverse). This entails uploading a pic to the blog, and having some code automatically send out a tweet once the post is published (using wpToGo, for example). This strategy can be applied to advertising more general interest posts as well.
  • Increase post frequency (from once per month, to at least once per week).
  • Decreasing the page load time (which may mean moving towards actual self-hosting).
  • Providing links to high quality, highly-ranked content
  • Removing the wiki, which was serving out porn (WTH) and undoubtedly hurting my page rank.
  • Adding additional rich content to posts (maps, photos, videos, etc)
  • Posting more broadly interesting content to blog (howtos, etc).

Anything I’m missing?

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  • 1. giencke  |  December 21, 2009 at 12:51 am

    The stats for the forums are somewhat less depressing, which I’ll talk about in another post. I’m not really sure what the strategy for increasing forum discoverability is, but I’m certainly willing to learn and experiment.

  • 2. DJ Lein  |  December 24, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Add more pr0n! That always helps.

    Wait, haven’t we already gone over this?

    (Sidenote: Good on you. SEO is an interesting and fun beast.)

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