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My Must-Have Android Apps

April 29, 2011

With a few friends getting Android telephones recently, I thought I’d update my list of must-have Android apps for those looking to add value to their device. In no particular order:

  • XiiaLive — A Shoutcast frontend for listening to online radio stations (generally kcea). Purchased Pro version.
  • Google Earth — fun 3D visualization of the globe
  • Kindle – to my surprise, reading on my 4.3″ screen isn’t a problem and as such, Kindle has become a pretty heavily-used application as I’ve started to read a lot more.
  • My Tracks — does GPS logging and provides ready export to KML, Fusion Tables, and My Tracks, a must for any geo nerd.
  • GPS Status — for seeing current location/speed/etc (another geo nerd must)
  • Chrome to Phone — useful for sending web pages and maps to your phone for mobile consumption
  • At Bat ’11 — for listening (and watching if I get to the Twins and Giants
  • News and Weather — Provides a nice lightweight recap of the news and weather forcecasts
  • Google Googles — visual search, great for impressing old people
  • DoggCatcher — outstanding podcast manager, listen to Writer’s Almanac and Talk of the Nation everyday on the way to work. Purchased pro version.
  • Maps (built-in) — turn-by-turn driving directions, game changer for me
  • Cardio Trainer — provides exercise/gps tracking, has an excellent workout dashboard, good export options. Another game changer, have been exercising a lot more as a result of having this. Purchased pro version.
  • TV Listings — I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I use this app to decide what to watch.
  • Coloroid — somewhat challenging and always enjoyable block game that’s great when you have a few minutes to kill

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