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A funny thing about running…

…the slower you run, the farther you can go.

As preparation for the Drumstick Dash 10k (which I haven’t registered for yet, and registration is closed, hmm) in Minneapolis, I ran a new personal record for distance tonight, 6.01 miles, but an anti-record for speed (7.x mph). Where a fortnight (yes, I love that term) ago I was freaking out about running anything more than 3.1 miles, I now feel pretty good about my chances (read: of finishing, not of coming in the top-90%, heh). So all that’s left is convincing the race organizers to let me register late as the token Californian. To my favorite email client!

GPS track for tonight’s run

November 20, 2011

Run with the Jets

My first 5k in almost 7 years today, BigWaveDave’s Run with the Jets (note on the name of the race: the run was along the San Francisco Bay near the SFO airport, so we did actually run with the jets, sort of). Given the time away from running, and minimal training time (1 actual run beforehand), I was pretty impressed with my time: 20:55, or a 6:44m pace. This was good for 5th overall, or 2d in my age group (good enough to win a free “vino”).

In addition to the running, the day was a lot of fun: The race announcer was pretty funny (sometimes/always unintentionally), the post-race food very good (my first peanut butter in like 4 months), the day almost perfect (they had forecast rain, which didn’t happen at all), and a bunch of us getting hot dogs and beer after the race.

All thanks to BigDaveWave and the great race/experience today, I’ve already signed up for a 5k on the 15th, and might consider doing a 10K (Drumstick Dash?) once I’m back in the Twin Cities for Thanksgiving. Yay running!

Overall results:
GPS Track:

Previous results:
20:44 White Bear Winter Frolic 5K (2005)
21:53 Winter Waddle (2004)

November 6, 2011

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